The newest AIM Formula steering wheel with integrated dash is a powerful tool specifically designed for Formula and Sport cars.
It allows the driver to monitor in real time all values coming from ECU, via CAN-bus link with AIM EVO3 datalogger (Pista or Pro versions), which is an essential equipment for the Formula steering wheel.
Thanks to the integrated and backlighted display, you’ll have at a glance:
Laptime and lap number
Speed or RPM with bar graph
... and 4 values you decided to configure among all available channels
(2 at a time), using the red "Function buttons".
In this example picture you can see Water temperature and oil pressure, but you can choose all the values you need: i.e. battery, potentiometers, lambdas, etc.
Besides (see picture) you can find many other features:
4 configurable alarm leds
Configurable shift lights
... and, of course, the switch button to remote 4 functions among all options available in your car, like (for example) neutral, radio, speed limiter, launch control, water dispenser for driver, rain backlight, etc.
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AIM Formula Steering Wheel is not only at the leading edge of technology: with its anodized aluminium frame and design it shows an amazing "racing" look which adds an aggressive touch to your car.

Maximum grip is guaranteed by its ergonomical shape and top level finishing in hand-woven chamoised leather.

AIM Formula Steering Wheel is engineered to host a steering wheel quick release and, of course, is water-proof.
 AIM Formula Steering Wheel Wiring Diagram
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